Strengthening the North American Arctic


We work with Indigenous development corporations, Northern governments, the private sector, Federal Government, expert Arctic leaders, and other stakeholders to help educate and attract Canadian and global investment into the North American Arctic.

A prosperous and sustainable North American Arctic relies on incorporating and expanding the intellectual and financial equity of those that live there.

Only through earnest partnerships it is possible to generate a greater global understanding of the particular issues affecting this geopolitically significant region as it attracts greater international attention and investment.



Canadian Roundtable: Mechanisms to Advance Safe and Reliable Marine Shipping in the Arctic

On the March 28, 2019, Arctic360 convened the first workshop in Canada that brought together the marine insurance industry, financial institutions, Northerners, the federal government, and academics to discuss what mechanisms Canada might pursue to ensure safe and reliable marine shipping in the Arctic, as well as generate revenue that could support economic development and infrastructure investment in Canada’s North.

2019 Canadian Roundtable Report

2019 Canadian Roundtable Report

In partnership with The Wilson Center’s Polar Initiative, the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History and Trinity College, University of Toronto, Arctic360 hosted the inaugural Arctic Investment Conference. It is only through equal collaboration among those in the North and informed global interests that it will be possible to solve the region’s biggest challenges at a time when the world is looking upwards with interest at a vastly changing region.

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2018 Investment Conference Report

2018 Investment Conference Report

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