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Arctic360 /TD Workshop: Investing in Arctic Infrastructure Projects

Purpose To commence the conversation on accessing short, medium, and long-term financing for these projects.

 Where TD Bank Tower –54th floor, Boardroom, Toronto, Canada

Date and Time 4 March 2019 / 12:30 – 14:00

Contact and Registration / (647) 620-4411


Agenda: Workshop Overview


•        Dr. Jessica M. Shadian, President and CEO, Arctic360 


•        Dr. Jessica M. Shadian, ‘The Emerging Economy of the North American Arctic: Updating the Narrative of Canada’s North’ 

•        Minister Wally Schumann, Minister of Infrastructure and Industry, Tourism and Investment, Government of the Northwest Territories, ‘The Territorial North and the Northern Infrastructure Gap: Perspectives and Realities on the Ground’


Slave Geological Province Corridor, Taltson Hydroelectric Expansion Project, Great Bear River Bridge, Frank Channel Bridge

•        Minister Wally Schumann, Minister of Infrastructure and Industry, Tourism and Investment, Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) 

Slave Geological Province Corridor 

•        Darrell Beaulieu, CEO, Denendeh Investments, NWT 

•        Paul Gruner, CEO, Det'on Cho Corporation, NWT 

Grays Bay Port and Road 

•        Charlie Evalik, Chair and CEO, Nunavut Resources Corporation, Nunavut 


•        Tom Hoefer, CEO, NWT and Nunavut Chamber of Mines 

Shared Infrastructure Partnerships 

•        Madeleine Redfern, Mayor, Iqaluit 


1)  Explanation of the project, location, purpose and stage of development 

2)  The expected or determined cost/size of the project and extent of revenue streams available 

3)  What role 3rd party financing can play 

**Following each presentation there will be 5 minutes dedicated for discussion and questions**


•        Final Words by Senator Patterson, Nunavut [TBC

•        Dr. Jessica M. Shadian




Contractors w. Equity Sponsorship 

•        EllisDon Capital Services: Chris Moran, Director 

•        Kiewit Development Corporation: Sam Chai, President 

•        Kiewit Development Corporation: Terry Burgis, Senior Vice President 

•        Graham Capital Partners: Adam Burk, Vice President Concessions & Infrastructure Finance


Equity Investors 

•      Plenary Group: Paul Martin, Senior Vice President. 

•      Northleaf: George Zakem, Managing Director, Infrastructure 

•      DIF Infrastructure: Jeff Rogers, Senior Director


Debt Investors 

•        Great-West Life: Sébastien Munsch, Managing Director, Private Placements 

•        Sun Life: John Vincent, Senior Managing Director, Head of Project Finance 

•        Manulife: Bruce Anderson, Managing Director, Private Placements 

•        Manulife: Isha Aggarwal, Managing Director, Public Fixed Income and Private Placements 

•        TD Asset Management: Bruce MacKinnon, Managing Director, Head of Private Placements 

•        TD Asset Management: Craig Buckley, Director



•        Sashen Guneratna, Managing Director, Investments, Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB) 

•        Patrick Gruben, President, Inuvialuit Development Corporation 

•        Patrick Duxbury, Northern Affairs Advisor, Nunavut Resources Corporation 

•        Sandy Kalgutkar, Deputy Secretary, Department of Finance, GNWT 

•        Sonya Saunders, Director, Strategic Infrastructure, Department of Infrastructure, GNWT 

•        Tom Jensen, Deputy Minister for Industry, Tourism and Investment, GNWT 

•        Melissa Cyr, Ministerial Special Advisor, GNWT 

•        Trina Hiscock, CEO, Trialife

•        Doug Bartlett / Shariq Alvi, Global Infrastructure Financing Group, CIBC